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       The XML folder

	                  STEP 3 It's All Coming Together Now.
      I know that the last page was tough to get through.
      But the advantage of learning it this way is that you 
      will be able to troubleshoot problems in the future 
      when you have huge xml files.
      Proper linking of files is the most important part
      of skinning Winamp 3 without having problems.
      If you  understood the last section and have a firm grasp
      of the concept of linking files then this next section 
      will be a breeze and you will begin to understand how 
      files come together to create a skin.

      In the last section we directed the skinning engine to read
      all the default xml files except the Player.xml
      and the associated files connected to it. 
      Now we must give the skinning engine a file to find. 

      So once again. Fire up your Windows explorer and go to your 
      skin folder that you created in the last step. Right now you
      should have a skin folder with the skin.xml file in it.
      It's time to create the folder that will hold all of the
      rest of your xml files.

      Create a new folder called xml
      Thats it. Now we need to put something in this folder. 
      Paticularly the player.xml
      Lets create that file now.
      Open up your text editor again and lets get started. 
      This one is fairly straight forward and again if you 
      understood the last section then this will make sense to you.

      In this new text file you will be directing the skin 
      engine to 2 additional files. Plus telling it what part
      of the skin you are creating. Lets have a look at the code. 

                   [include file="player-elements.xml"/]

                       [container id="main" name="Main window"]
                   [include file="player-normal.xml"/]
      Thats right, this means that we need to create 2 more 
      xml files because we just pointed the skinning engine 
      to 2 more files. The player-element.xml and the player-normal.xml
      In addition we have told the skin engine that we are 
      working on the main container. This is pretty simple 
      stuff don't you think? 
      This is what our chain of files looks like so far.

        Skin.xml --------> player.xml ------->     ------------------------------
                                             ----- -  ------>player-normal.xml  -
                                                   -                            -
                                                   -         Main container     -
      If you understand this at all. You now understand 
      that we are well on our way to creating a container 
      called main. This is the same thing you would do 
      to create a custom container, but we won't get into 
      that now. You should now save this file in the 
      xml folder that you created earlier.
      In the next step we will be defining what is going 
      into this container called main. 
      The elements of disaster and the jigsaw of perception.

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