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Adding Components

This tutorial will help you with adding other components to the 
main player (or other parts) If you understand this tutorial, 
you can make your own components too  

The thinger, Main player and Equalizer are built on XML files. 
You can skin these parts without adjusting other parts. The other 
components, such as the AVS and PL, are built on the default components. 
Which mean they have all the same close button and resizer. 

1)Adding Thinger or Equalizer to the Main player 
2)Adding other Components to the main player  
3)Making your own Components  

1)Adding Thinger or Equalizer to the Main player 
The equalizer is just an example, The thinger goes the same way 

Open up your equalizer-elements.xml, equalizer-normal.xml, 
player-elements.xml and player-normal.xml 
In your equalizer-elements.xml you'll notice some stuff you 
don't want to have in the main player, at least you want to 
remove the close button and the minimalize. The resizer can 
be deleted, otherwise it will resize the whole main player 
not only the eq part (I deleted everything that I don't really 
need, these are the background, the placeholder, titlebar, 
menu, close, minimalize, and all the winshade stuff) 
Delete these lines and you'll end up with the needed things. 
Now copy these things in your player-elements.xml.... 
Go to your eq-normal.xml and delete the stuff which you deleted 
in the elements too. 

Paste the lines you have to your player-normal.xml 
(make sure it's before the background otherwise you won't see it) 

Let's test, but first go to your skin.xml and delete the 
line which says : <include file="xml/eq.xml" /> 

Now save all files if you haven't done that yet... 
and load your skin.... 
It should look like if the eq is without background pasted on 
the Main player (if you've done this with the default) 

Now you can change the places of the buttons and the spline 
and the seekers  Or the thinger :P 

2)Adding other Components to the main player 
This is a lot easier, because there aren't any elements that 
have to be pasted  open up your player-normal.xml 

Add this line to it 
<component param="guid:avs" 
x="?" y="?" 
w="?" h="?" 
note:Fill in the values for x,y,w and h 

These can be used as far as i know 
guid:avs = avs 
guidl = playlist 
guid:ml = medialibrary 

If you want to delete the bar at the bottom of the component use 

Note : you can't put anything on top of it. And if you go in 
Fullscreen with the avs it resizes itself. 

3)Making your own components 
It is much easier then it looks.  
It goes like this: 
Make in the skin.xml another line just as those others with 
something like new.xml make a new file called new.xml and write in that 

<include file="new-elements.xml"/> 

<container id="new" name="MyComponent" default_x="0" default_y="0" default_visible="0"> 

<include file="new-normal.xml"/> 

Default_visbile ="0" is not visible at first load. 
Make your elements and your normal and it's finished! 

Created by Naamloos

if you have any questions or comments 
e-mail: Frankschoenmaker@hotmail.com 

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