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Final Review

Before you fire up Winamp and load your skin. Lets do a final
review of your files and folders and double check everything.
First Lets review everything from the beginning and follow the
steps we took in the creation of our humble one button skin.

Heres the list of everything you should have and where it should be.

Skin Folder
Player folder
Xml folder
Now a critical step in the process of skin creation. From working with other people I have learned some of the most common inital problems that occure when following this tutorial. First, Make sure that all of your tags have pointed <> brackets around them. If you copied anything from my pages they may have square brackets around them and this will cause a problem. Secondly, Make sure that the only file being pointed to in the skin.xml is the player.xml. If you don't point the skinning engine to the other default xmls. This will cause a problem Third and most important. Make sure that you are using the bitmap ids from the player elements file and not the actual file name when you created your player-normal.xml If you have a problem. Download my tut skin and double check all your code to make sure that it's the same as mine. Or click here to see a page with all the code. Here it is. Ain't it purty... You should be able to fire up your skin now. If you have followed along and completed each step, then you have created a Winamp 3 skin.


A word in closing. This is it in a nutshell, From here on it's all up to your dedication and learning skills in the art of graphics and skinning. This platform offers you endless posibilities. With these basic skills you should be able to complete a skin. I suggest that you examine other peoples skins and see what they have done. It's one of the best ways to learn. And remember. Skin because you love it. Skin because it's fun. Skin because it's creative. Skin for yourself first, and others second. Now go create something amazing. PIXELPUSHER next page ->
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The xml folder and player.xml The elements of disaster Laying it all out
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Alpha Channels Photoshop A Basic Animation Adding Components
 The Player Button Png Using TTF files.
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